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Truth from New Zealand and fluoride deformity in India

New Zealand

From FAN-NZ Link to interview, with Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS with a full transcript Why We Need to Talk About Fluoridation. When Hardy Limeback’s research on bone tissue led him to the realization that public water fluoridation is a costly mistake, his colleagues urged him to keep quiet. Instead he called a meeting to apologize for misleading his dental students on the safety of fluoride, beginning a lifelong conversation about the negative health effects of artificial water fluoridation. Despite the toll on his career, Dr. Limeback continues to voice his concerns about this practice that affects millions of people around the world. In his interview with Melissa Gallico, he explains why—”I’m passionate. I want to see change before I die.”

Dr. Hardy Limeback is the former head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto and a past president of the Canadian Association for Dental Research. He also has a PhD in collagen biochemistry and is a coauthor of the U.S. National Research Council’s 2006 report, Fluoride in Drinking Water.

Also from FAN-NZ Easly rterports were of the partial upholding of the ir advert, with this picture;

. Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints about our newspaper Ad that appeared in the Dominion Post and the Otago Daily Times.

At first the ASA partially upheld the complaints, saying that despite our advert being truthful, and the fact that we substantiated our claim, they felt that the inclusion of the image played on fear.

We appealed the Decision and the Appeal Board has allowed our Appeal which means the complaints have not been upheld at all.

dvertising Standards Authority Ruling on Dominion Post AdvertThis is FAN NZs own page http://fluoridefree.org.nz/advertising-complaints

Dec 12

Another success over a powertful foe

Reported in Stuff yesterday, Christchurch city council has rejected Water NZ and is definitely aiming to restore Christchurch’s pure clean water without the use of chlorine. It seems highly unlikely that Christchurch will ever be fluoridated, unless the Government pushes through its Mandatory Fluoridation Bill. (See Legislation for more information on the Bill).

Water NZ are an industry front group for companies such as Ixom that sell chlorination and fluoridation chemicals and Beca that provide the engineering expertise for the installation of the required equipment. Water NZ are lobbying to have the whole country chlorinated and fluoridated.


…drought in Tumakuru’s Pavagada taluk enters its 14th successive year, dental and skeletal fluorosis is afflicting its people in large numbers. According to district health authorities, Tumakuru district has 695 and 315 confirmed cases of skeletal …

Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/opinion/second-edit/wake-fluorosis-problem-706467.html

Dec 4


Fluorosis problem

Dec 4



Nov 9

#Water Fluoridation: In Assam’s Tapatjuri, almost every home is affected by some form of fluorosis

One of the most visible effects of long exposure to high fluoride content has been on the physical appearance of the villagers

Devdiscourse News Desk tapatjuri (assam) Last Updated at 29-11-2018 10:54:21 IST India

In an age when children normally discover the thrill of being able to walk by themselves and run around, two-year-old Amjad was handed a walking stick by his mother to aid his limp. His legs were bent — a typical sign of skeletal fluorosis — and as he struggled to hold his own, his heartbroken mother would keep a close watch.

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