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The Challenge

The Challenge has been made by the Kansas Republican Assembly, a group that started within the Republican party, but is not controlled by them, who have been promoting a bill to enforce warning notices on any consumable product - including tap water - that contains fluoride.

It has always seemed inexplicable to me that, despite the authors of the most thorough meta-research in the UK, the York University review in 2001, reporting that they could not find a single piece of impeccable statistical research showing the efficacy of fluoridation, official sources continue to proclaim that the evidence for fluoridation is overwhelming and only crazy fanatics refuse to accept it. A great political orator, once asked the secret of his success, said that you should always attack your opponent's strongest point. So, to challenge the twin claims of 'safe and effedtive' openly is a tremendous idea. At the moment the prize is barely £400, but amongst all the proponents who are so sure of themselves, who will take up the offer of such easy money?

Here it is:

Announcing the KRA Fluoride Challenge

The Kansas Republican Assembly, sponsor of the Fluoride Warning Label Bill in the Kansas Legislature, chose April 9th as the official opening day of the KRA FLUORIDE CHALLENGE!

What is the Fluoride Challenge?

The Fluoride Challenge is a CASH PRIZE offered to anyone from anywhere in the world who presents a repeatable scientific study, or any other verifiable scientific evidence, that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that artificial water fluoridation is EITHER:

SAFE for the overall health of the person ingesting the fluoridated water. OR,EFFECTIVE in improving dental health.One or the other is all that is required to claim the prize money – it is not necessary to prove both safety and effectiveness.

How much money is currently in the Fluoride Challenge Fund to be given as a prize?

Currently there is $550.00 set aside in a special Fluoride Challenge Fund Account. The fund may grow, but it will never be smaller!

Why April 9th? What is special about 4/9?

April 9, 2014 is the day that the entire nation of Israel ends water fluoridation following independent scientific study of its safety and effectiveness. Israel determined that artificial water fluoridation is NEITHER safe nor effective, and by a Supreme Court Order, decided to end water fluoridation.

Who decides if sufficient proof exists or not?

First, a panel of any two knowledgeable doctors, dentists, or scientists, who do not have a conflict-of-interest by being involved in the fluoride industry, will make the decision. One panellist will be named by the KRA, and one will be named by the person submitting the alleged proof.

If there is a split decision, each side will add one more panellist. However, from the second level up, the additional panellists must meet the above requirements, AND have a Ph. D education or higher.

The panel will always consist of an even number of panellists, and each panellist must cast a YES or NO vote. The first vote of the panel that is NOT a split or tie-vote, will decide if proof beyond reasonable doubt has successfully been shown.

What is the cost to make a submission?

There is no fee to contend for the prize.

Who is the mediator?

The KRA Executive Committee will mediate. Since all proceedings will be open to the media and the public, the integrity of the KRA is at stake. # # #

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