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The USA and Efforts from FAN


From FAN

The Fluoride Action Network, based in the USA, is the largest ant-fluoridation organisation in the world. During the last few weeks of the year, almost daily messages are sent to incorporate pleas for financial support. Below are some extracts from their own paid and voluntary staff, and professional supporters, together with recent links.


How are the lower paid communities most at risk from fluoridation policy in the USA?

Video on Environmental Justice and the new FAN specialist.


FAN videos have now had 1.2million views. They are powerful https://www.youtube.com/user/fluoridealert/featured?disable_polymer=1

Check you have seen the Bill Hirzy, released on Dec 11th

Don’t miss this. Earlier in 2018 law suit that could change the US completely in 2019.


2 FAN appeal


We need you to reach out and tell everyone you know – your friends, your colleagues and all the others that you meet – how we believe that this practice is hurting our children. At the very least let them know about the Bashash studies. They can read all about these in utero brain studies .…How many people can you reach? In person, and with letters are your best arguments? How do you deal with those rolling eyes?

3 Extract from Stuart Cooper on why he joined FAN :

The truth is on our side. I’ve never seen a study that says children need more, not less, exposure to environmental toxins. I haven’t read a study that recommends ingesting more hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry as part of a healthy diet. I’ve never laid an eye on a journal article recommending the addition of aluminum, arsenic, or other heavy metals to our public drinking water, as fluoridation does.

If the truth was on the promoters’ side, they wouldn’t need to use the tactics that they use, including massive campaign contributions to influence elected leaders, grants to buy support from community groups, character


of professionals who speak out, and outrageously biased propaganda. If the truth was on their side they would be willing to debate leading scientific opponents of fluoridation in public (they seldom will); they would be able to respond in writing to the fully documented book The Case Against Fluoride (no response after years) and they wouldn’t need to use a rapid response team to insult and ridicule anybody who questions fluoridation on the internet or in letters to newspaper editors.

4 Here is a sample of professionasl statements, produced on Dec 6:Selecting a variety of professions and each new reason is highlighted.

Tina Kimmel, Ph.D., MSW, MPH

Fluoridation chemicals (including unavoidable contaminants) are neurotoxic, in addition to dozens of other harms to the body. They pose the worst risks to fetuses and infants…Despite all this, fluoridation is being imposed on local water districts by unelected government officials.

Richard Taylor, M.A. Psychology, licensed psychologist

Fluoride accumulates in brain and bone and causes lowered IQ and ADHD … and has been implicated in causing osteosarcoma in juvenile males.

Reverend Jonathan Singleton, MA, MDiv

It’s not healthy…. It’s not a vitamin…. It’s not needed in the human body…. It’s IMMORAL!

Mary Sanda, RN, BSN, CCRC

I believe it is extraordinarily irresponsible to add fluoride to public water supplies. Even if you agree that fluoride is beneficial topically to the teeth, it is not meant to be absorbed by all of the cells in our bodies, especially brain cells…From the tiniest of newborn babies to the largest adults, all of us are exposed to the same concentration of fluoride in the water. I am a nurse and there is absolutely no such thing as prescribing a drug in the same concentration for everyone universally. One does not need to be in the medical field to understand how wrong it is to add any substance to our water supply to treat people, not knowing how different people could be affected.

Christopher Christianson (Utilities Operations Supervisor, grade IV Wastewater, T3 Treatment, D3 Distribution)

It is unnecessary to add this chemical to the water supply. It does not treat water, and … is administered ineffectively at uncontrolled dosage in the wrong method. Most fluoridated drinking water does not even enter a human’s mouth–possibly 99%. It’s flushed down the toilet, watered onto a lawn, washed onto a car, or flows down the drain with the dishwater and the laundry water. Thus, it becomes an environmental waste, as wastewater treatment plants do not remove fluoride.

.John Holden, DOM

As a natural medicine physician, I have known for years that the fluoride added to drinking water has toxic effects on the body, and environment. Fluoride stores up in the body over time, and displaces necessary nutrients like calcium and iodine, disrupting bone, glandular, and brain function, and has been shown to contribute to cardiovascular disease and low IQ…

Dominic Berry, Ph.D.

First of all, it is an obvious and flagrant violation of medical ethics because it constitutes medication without consent. Second, I am a professional research scientist, have spent quite some time going through the literature on the subject, and am absolutely shocked by the dishonesty of the people promoting the practice.

Debbie Rhyner, RN

Internal ingestion of fluoride is unnecessary for dental cavity prevention & can be harmful to the human body … Any substance or drug that is utilized as a preventative or curative treatment plan, should always be individualized to each person. Adding fluoride to the public water supply isn’t individualized dosing, but it is a careless ‘one size fits all’ approach. It doesn’t take into account the weight, age, gender or health status of each person or the quantity of water that each person drinks per day. Therefore, it should NOT be added to the public water supply! Topical application of fluoride is an appropriate treatment choice that can be offered to patients on an as needed basis for dental cavity prevention.

Dec 6

Some news of a proposed US law change. FAN’s work is summarised below

On President Trump’s desk is currently a bill created and promoted by the American Dental Association that–if signed into law–could allow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide funding to state dental relations and regional oral health coalitions promoting fluoridation and lobbying for its expansion. In other words, even more tax-dollars could go into pro-fluoridation propaganda with little accountability. … H.R. 2422, called the Action for Dental Health Act of 2017, is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. … Requesting a veto from the President, we were unsuccessful in getting an amendment… prohibiting the promotion of fluoridation. With vague authorization, the ADA has successfully tricked House and Senate members. Our efforts now will at least serve to alert his administration to the public health debacle that is fluoridation:

Government interfercnce by the promoters happen throughout the fluoridised world. New Zealand is battling a new law . Israel and South Africa have been involved. The U.S. origins of the ch2013 anges in the UK is another story.

Dec 28

Chilling evidence of the money being made by industry . There are no opinions, just a huge ‘market’, and it is huge

Global Inorganic Fluorides Market Insights, Forecast To 2025; this report presents the worldwide Inorganic Fluorides market size (value, production and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2013-2018 and forecast to 2025), by manufacturers, region, type and application.

by Taboola

Local news

Fyette, Georhgia

Dec 28



Nov 11

Debate continues as Houston, USA votes against artificial water fluoridation


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