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2017 - Febuary

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  1. FAN petition denial and FAN response  (13000 words) (a) FAN response to EPA denial of petition (b) EPA response to petition

  2. Water on line article with some very cogent comments, responding to the usual protagonists, including Paul Carr from Cumbria ,  a thyroid sufferer, a discharged water worker and a current one – and other contributors. (4500)

Cortland, NY debate.  The fluoridation opponent (Paul Connett) debates with Slott and Johnson when each were asked to identify scientific studies that supported their arguments.

3. Trump withdraws mercury control regulations From Dr Bicuspid… Feb 16 (620)

For U. K. NEWS, Comment  and ‘Stop -Press additions see UK Freedom from Fluoride pages ( updated from March 1st)

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